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Already at 8 years old, I loved music and started my first dancing lessons (ballroom dancing). From then on, I spent most of my time practicing this new discipline and became provincial champion of Quebec when I turned 16. Four years later, I opened my own dance studio and created a musical dance group. A few years later, different things happened which forced me to close the studio. It was also the end of my shool studies in Information Technology and Marketing, and I therefore decided to start my corresponding professional career.

20 years later, I got back into music when I bought my first iPod. Being a professional database and computer administrator, it was not long before I found out how to mix music. My types of music are mainly Dance, Trance, House and Techno after having danced for the last ten years in the afterhour circuit parties. Now since 2008, I make music remix compilations and started hosting a few private parties.  In 2010, I was a guest DJ on my dear friend Pierre Gagné's Web Radio show on www.gayradiobec.com every first Friday of the month. Then, I got my own show on every Thursday night called NO LIMITS. Now, I have my own website which includes my On-Demand Web Radio, my NO LIMIT Remixes in my Music section, and I specialize in HDT (House-Dance-Trance). Come & visit often to hear my latest work.  Also, if you want to stay up to date with what is going on with DJ Dan SIKA, consult my News section which has my Blog.  You may also join my mailing list in my Contact Me section.

André Déziel - DJ Dan SIKA - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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